For Mac

Postgres App

For Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install postgresql

For Windows

Windows Installer

For YUM insallations

(Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS / Scientific Linux)

(Example used is for PostgreSQL 9.2 on CentOS 6.4 x64)

  1. Head over to PostgreSQL Yum Repository
  2. Select the version of PostgreSQL that you want to install and then your OS, version and architecture.
  3. Download the RPM for your platform (using the link from step 2)

    curl -O

  4. Install the RPM

    rpm -ivh pgdg-centos92-9.2-6.noarch.rpm

  5. Do a quick search which will show you available packages for postgres

    yum list postgres*

Note: It will probably list older versions as well, make sure to select proper version that you want to install and all the packages are of same version i.e server, client, contrib (not always necessary but better to be safe, right?)

  1. Install Packages as per choice

    yum install postgresql92-server.x8664 postgresql92-contrib.x8664 postgresql92-devel.x86_64