Postgres Guide
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Adding a User

Once you’ve initially installed Postgres you should be able to connect almost immediately with psql -h localhost. This will put you inside your database to begin working. Of course the next step before doing anything else is to create a user account for yourself.

craig=# CREATE USER craig WITH PASSWORD 'Password';

New user craig is created with password Password.

Next step is to create a database and grant access to the user craig

craig=# CREATE DATABASE pgguide;

Now new database pgguide is created. Now we will grant access to craig.

craig=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE pgguide to craig;

Now craig has all privileges on database pgguide. There are several different kinds of privilege: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, RULE, REFERENCES, TRIGGER, CREATE, TEMPORARY, EXECUTE, and USAGE.

craig=# GRANT SELECT ON DATABASE pgguide to craig;

GRANT SELECT allows craig ONLY to do select query on database pgguide